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Repair your internal organs with more than 50 minerals.
In the process of taking minerals, all kinds of uncomfortable reactions to your body are the reactions obtained by the body after absorption.

1. Itchy skin:
• The phagocytic ability of white blood cells is enhanced, the skin tissues appear to be itchy, and blood circulates in the diseased area.
• People with poor kidney function and qi stagnation and blood stasis will report that the skin is extremely itchy, and the skin cannot cope with the discharge of large amounts of toxins.
• The appearance of small redness, small red bumps, rubella, and vomiting is a manifestation of cholecystitis and bile reflux disease. The wastes in human blood and body fluids are reflected in the weak acid environment of the skin. The skin cannot withstand the adjustment, and all kinds of new stasis are produced, which is temporary.
• Skin ulceration, running water, peeling, local swelling, is a manifestation of skin microcirculation stasis and poor circulation. It is the original stasis and lesions that have been opened up.
• Lymphatic pain, throat swelling, itching in the mouth, coughing, which are diseases or clogging of lymph nodes, throat, etc., virus conjugates, waste bodies, congestion points, and wastes in the mucous membrane begin to loosen or decompose, and dredge.

2. Dizziness:
• This is the manifestation of people with anemia, qi deficiency, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood viscosity, sputum obstruction, and insufficient liver and gall qi. This is a manifestation of increased blood flow. It is due to the original slow blood flow that increases vasoconstriction Ability to keep up, out of sync performance.

3. Excessive eye feces, red and swollen eyes, eye pain:
• This is a manifestation that after the liver qi is dredged, the microcirculation, capillaries, and micro-elasticity of the eye flesh will be restored and dredged when the liver qi is discharged from the eyes. It is a reflection of the virus that is blocked in the eye and is discharged outward.

4. Puffiness of hands, feet and body:
• This is a manifestation of patients with diabetes, kidney disease, bladder disease, heart disease, and pancreas. This is a reflection that the excretion is fast, and the organs and tissues, repair, and digestion capacity cannot keep up.

5. Elevated blood lipids, blood sugar and blood pressure:
• Many people have such conditions in health care and conditioning. This is a reflection of adjustment and repair. At the same time, it is a pseudo-symptom. No matter how it is reflected, self-feeling is good, unlike the symptoms in the past. It is scary, that is, the root cause has been cured, but there are still some adjustment phenomena that have not ended

6. Stinky urine, excessive urine, high uric acid, and foamy urine
• This is a unique manifestation of inflammation in the urinary system of people with high blood sugar, diabetes, kidney disease, pancreatitis, and cystitis. This is a reflection of detoxification and restoration of function

7. Shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, coughing, excessive phlegm, wheezing, and dizziness: this is an instinctive reflection of dead sputum and congestion in the bronchus, trachea, throat, and lungs, which stimulate tissues when excreted outward
• Anemia: The blood flow increases, the flow rate is fast, and various organs cannot adapt and adjust.
• People with poor heart function: It’s too late to coordinate the blood flow and backflow of the heart

8. Cough, excessive phlegm, wheezing, dizziness:
• This is an instinctive reflection of dead sputum and congestion in the bronchi, trachea, throat, and lungs that stimulate tissues when excreted outward

9. Reduced appetite and increased appetite: This is the reaction of people with poor stomach function
Reduced appetite: the metabolism has accelerated, and the gastric motility has not been resolved.
Increased appetite: It is a reflection of the recovery of stomach function and the acceleration of metabolism

10. Nothing happens:
Due to good health or failure to persist in the process of taking, some changes are minor and unnoticeable.




Preparation of Can Tree Mix

Testimoni pengguna setia mineral can tree oleh Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar
Setelah Mengamalkan mineral Can Tree, beliau mendapati produk ini menyegarkan dan membuat badan beliau lebih sihat.

Testimoni pesakit Covid tahap 4
Setelah mengamalkan mineral Can Tree, tahap kesihatan beliau semakin baik dan beliau kini kembali sihat

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