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Ct Plant Mineral
Mix Botanical Beverage has been analyzed, tested and certified by an approved laboratory to be completely safe and harmless
100% Plant Derived
Minerals formula
No preservatives, Synthetic Substances or Flavorings Added.





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Repair your internal organs with more than 62 minerals.
In the process of taking minerals, all kinds of uncomfortable reactions to your body are the reactions obtained by the body after absorption.



2021 New Testimonials


Preparation of Can Tree Mix

Knee Problem Testimonial

Knee Problem Testimonial

Cholesterol Problem Testimonial

Body Health Testimonial

Body Health Testimonial

Body Health Testimonial

Body Health Testimonial

Body Health Testimonial

Testimonieal of an Covid Victim

I am Chan Ne Ne From Alor Setar Kedah

On 4th May, i started having fever, sore throat, cough, flu and lost sense of smell & taste.
i did Covid test on 7th may and was diagnosed positive on 9th may.
on 10th may, i told my friend Albert Sim that i'm positive Covid, then he introduced me with CanTree Mineral Drinks.
After 1st day of drinking CanTree Mineral Drinks, my flu is getting better.
After 3-4 days i have consume CanTree Mineral Drinks, my cough, sore throat, sense of taste & smell also getting better.
After 5th days, my mental and body health have recovered 70%.
Thank you Albert Sim and CanTree Mineral Drinks.
I Hope This Testimonial Video Can Be Shared To More People For The Good Of Every Person.